Wednesday, February 28

Wedding Day 8 | 24 | 2017

Our wedding day was one of the most perfect days of my life. It was a dream come true to get married in a castle with a mountain backdrop, surrounded by my friends and family. It's been 6 months, and I wanted to share all the details of this incredible day. 

Venue: Wadley Farms Castle in Lindon, UT - @wadleyfarms
Photographer: Mariah Garrett - @thehighpines

The most beautiful wedding arbor I've ever seen made by my best friend (and brides-mate) Micah Jensen; painted and decorated by brother and sister-in-law, Dave and Vanessa. 

The three overlapping triangles were made to look like mountains. 


Wedding Gown by Laurel Herbert, Utah Brideroom - @utahbrideroom
Bridal makeup by Mikaela Attridge - @loveisinthehair.amara 
Bridesmaids hair by Mikaela Attridge & Susie Sulfridge - @susiesulfridge
Bridal Hair by Stephanie Hatfield - @hairbysteph.utah
Hair Color & Extensions by Caitlin Hughes Pendleton - @caitymyladyy





Made of Honor: Siera Skousen
Bridesmaids: Janae Telford, Hanna Lamphere, Kimmy Williams, Brooke Skousen, Jenna Skousen, Hanna Lamphere,  Susie Sulfridge, Stephanie Hatfield, & Tara Tabrizi
Brides-mates: Ryan Bessey & Micah Jensen
Best Man: Shane Tabrizi
Groomsmen: Neldon Barrowes, Spencer Barrowes, Cortney Smith, Steve Nicholsen, Dave Schaumann, Jared Skousen, Josh Skousen


Seats saved for those who are no longer physically with us.

Siera & Ryan
Micah & Janae
Neldon & Hanna

Cortney & Kimmy
Spencer & Susie
Dave & Stephanie
Jared & Brooke
Steve & Tara
Josh & Jenna
Grandpa Don & Grandma Sylvia

Lowell & Norma
Momma Skousen
Jamie Andrade & Maria Misbach

Maid of Honor and Best Man


Maid of Honor's Speech
Best Man's Speech
Father of the Bride's Speech
 Father of the Groom's Speech

My family made us a wedding video compilation of pictures of us. At the end was a surprise video message from my best friend and brother Jake who is currently away serving an LDS mission in Peru... it got me good!

Wedding Cake: Jessica Villeneuvue - @cakesby_jessica

Before the garter toss, Bryce surprised me by singing a song he wrote to the tune of Adam Sandler's "Grow Old With You".


Lowell drove us away in the1934 Packard Bryce proposed in <3