Friday, June 6


Seven months ago I returned home from what was certainly the best learning and growing experiences of my life.  Almost every conversation since then has included the following questions:
"How was your mission?"
"What now?"

To the first I always respond, "Good!"... because it was. I mean, it was more than good, it was great. It was life-altering. It was one of the greatest, hardest, most wonderful, miserable, incredible, educational, growing, enriching thing I have ever done. How do you tell someone about something so vast and fantastic in a single response? The answer... you don't. You CAN'T. So, I give the same answer as I would if someone asked me how my burger tasted, or how my visit to the dentist went:


And unless you have a couple of hours, "good" is going to have to be good enough. 

                                     {mtc}               {mission field}

"So... What now?"

That's the more difficult of the two questions to answer. Although at times I feel like I have it all figured out, I am far from it. There's always school... work... things like that... but that's awfully boring. Nobody wants to hear about that. 

In efforts to make something of myself and provide some post-mission financial stability for my future, I moved to Texas.  If you thought school and work were boring, you definitely aren't going to want to hear about this place.  

{welcome to haskell}

If you ask me how it's going,  I'll tell you...


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